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How Does Winnipeg’s Construction Industry Look Like Now?

A weakened construction market due to COVID-19

Canada is decently progressing with its vaccination drive, but certain fragments of Manitoba’s construction industry are stricken by anxiety. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented challenging times before the commercial construction sector, which is down by close to 25 percent in 2021.

Like all other industries in the world, the construction industry in Winnipeg had to tackle its own share of problems owing to the pandemic. Individuals working on construction sites were majorly affected by the virus. The need to quarantine themselves immediately after testing positive, leading to absenteeism and loss of time.

There’s been a major fall in project requirements, institutional building, and home constructions. This is likely to have a direct impact on the employment scenario by limiting its growth. These declines can be partially offset by growth in the construction of roads, bridges, and highways. The modest growth of industrial buildings and infrastructure projects could also provide some stability to the construction industry in Manitoba.

The dearth of construction materials and supplies, particularly lumbar, has somewhat reduced to some extent, but some parts of the sector continue to grapple with these challenges. Labor supply is one of the most crucial aspects to address during these tough times. Their health and safety are of foremost concern for the industry.

The rise in construction against all odds

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly ushered in quite uncertain times for the construction industry in Winnipeg. However, the slow rate of growth due to practical and economical factors isn’t just the only contributor towards the industry-wide anxiety.

While major construction projects—both residential and commercial—have reduced, the industry continues to face mounting pressure from the influx of people. The industry may have slowed down, but it can never be dead.

There’s no denying the fact that Winnipeg is a magnet for working professionals and families thanks to its booming corporate sector. The city attracts people in large numbers, providing them with ample opportunities to work and settle down. This influx of people has certainly led to an increase in both residential and commercial construction in Winnipeg to accommodate everyone.

As more development is taking place and more residential homes are being constructed in Winnipeg, the city is witnessing a simultaneous rise in the need for temporary housing. These housing options provide people with a temporary place to stay while their new homes are being constructed.

With so many people coming into Winnipeg for work and settlement, temporary housing options prove extremely useful. Whether it’s newly migrated construction workers or working professionals in businesses, everyone can take advantage of these temporary housing options before they finally move into a place of their own.

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